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free music download sites

Music is one of the best ways people get entertained. People prefer listening to music than watching videos or going to the cinema to enjoy their leisure time.
In this internet and jet age, clogging up your mobile or desktop device with media files is now a thing of the past, chaktty said.
More people now stream songs and videos online rather than downloading them, and if you’ve to, there are free file hosting and sharing sites you can keep your music and video files online at no cost.

Where can I download media files free?

According to the US internet report, the best brands of free music download sites in 2022 are Youtube, Tubidy,, SoundCloud and Jamendo.


Created by 3 former employees of Paypal, Youtube is a site that is not only limited to hosting music and video content.
It is also a social media where users can interact by sharing, commenting and rating publications.
Since its inception in 2005, Youtube has continued to gain notoriety among the public. It is one of the most consulted sites in the world on a daily basis.


Tubidy search engine for mp3 and mp4 download was launched on the web in 2009.

Tubidy mobile search engine get most of the top searches of music as it stands out for its simple interface, music search, and video search engine. Even if Tubidy mobile search engine is only available in English, you can get mp3 and mp4 music download free, and the content can be in other languages.

Tubidy music search engine is powerful, Tubidy offers free downloads of good quality music and video clips. That’s why it is very popular with most of the Internet users. To use Tubidy search engine, you can sign up to enjoy its full features, or not.

On the Tubidy search box for music video search, enter your keyword and suggestions will be given, then select or type the exact keyword, and press the enter key. Once the results are loaded, scroll to what you want, and the download link will appear by the result, then you can listen or download the file.


Platform launched in 2019, stands out for the possibility of extracting content in different audio and video formats directly from the site.

Unlike Tubidy MP3 and mobile video search engine, you can get what you want from user-generated files already indexed.
With, users no longer need to rely on third-party software to convert their favorite video and music. It is currently one of the most appreciated by Internet users for a fast and efficient download.


Founded in 2007, SoundCloud is known as one of the largest online music stores.
Many up and coming artists use it to publish their work and get known. Yeah, SoundCloud is more popular than Tubidy Search site, but Tubidy search engine is easier to use, and no annoying ads.
SoundCloud allows its many users to enjoy new music available only on the site. This is a significant advantage that sets it apart from its competitors.


Jamendo is a website created in 2004 that brings together independent artists and music fans of all kinds. It offers free streaming and downloading of content available on the site.
After registering for free on Jamendo, users can easily extract and listen to the songs of their choice. This currently positions it as one of the giants in its field.


While these are the top site to get free music and video to download free except youtube where you can save your file but can not download it to your device. Tubidy mobile music mp3 download site, and the tubidy mobile search engine apps are my favorite to get quality media files of my choice.


Abhishek Nath


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