List of 8 Stunning Exterior Color Combinations For House

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The exterior paint colours create the first impression of your home. They show your personality and style preference without words. It’s quite a tricky job to perfect colour combinations that blend well with your style. Mainly for a country like India, where everyone loves to showcase their creativity and uniqueness at every opportunity. 

Exterior paint colour combinations for Indian houses vary from region to region and have changed a lot along with time. Keeping on with the modern-day trend, we have prepared a list of top 10 attractive Indian simple house colour combinations outside.

White and blue

White and blue house color combination

The blue shades flawlessly blend with white, thus it’s one of the best colour mixes for home exteriors. Indigo is a cool colour that is also a soft shade and it’s known to lessen stress and boost a sense of serenity. White and shades of blue are ideal colour combinations for Indian house exteriors, specifically for bungalow or cottage-style houses, or if you want to give a beachy or boho look to your house.

Cream with brown

cream and brown house color

This is the most ideal and subtle colour combination for exterior painting. Dark brown mixes perfectly with cream, giving you a perfectly blent combination of classic colours. Brown as a basic signifies stability and support, it goes well with cream. For exterior paint colour combinations for Indian houses, choose walnut brown, chocolate brown, or honey brown, relying on the style of the home. The warm neutral duo feels cosy and grounding. For the best look, always go for subtle house paint colours that are perfect in India for home exteriors.


Yellow and brown

yellow and brown house color

Dark brown can be used for the roof, doors, window frames, front porch area, it blends perfectly with the soothing yellow colour exterior paint set-up. Even a fine touch of yellow as an accent colour can gear up the look of your house from outside. Such exterior house painting colour combinations are best suited for cottage style houses that look picture-perfect with a small garden outside.

Peach with white

Peach with white house color

The peach colour is one of the most favoured colours for home paint outside, as it is soothing and refreshing. Along with white for the house outside colours, it blends well both for vintage as well as for modern-style houses. Peach with white can make a house seem larger and add to the aura of elegance and chicness to it.

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Red with cream

Red with cream house color

Traditional red tiles with large wooden windows and pillars can be matched with ideal cream walls, and these exterior paint colour combinations are popular outside colours for south Indian homes. Red and cream colour paint for home exteriors looks good, especially if exposed brick walls are combined with a cream colour paint. This house paint colour combination is best for home exteriors designed in industrial and Scandinavian styles. Use reddish maroon or brick red as the outdoor colour for a house in a balanced way to draw attention to the details of the exterior and enhance the charm.

Green and off-white

Green and off-white house color

The paint experts believe home exteriors will be embracing green more than ever next year, as green represents freshness and renewed hope. Painting your home green combined with off-white will align it with the energy of nature and bring positivity. One can go for off-white or white walls and a green or olive green roof. The light facade and the dark roof are a classic Indian-style simple house colour combination.

Grey, white, and orange

Grey, white, and orange house color

Neutral colours like grey and white with a hue of orange are a beautiful colour combination for home outside. These modern houses outside colour combinations look subtle yet impactful and contribute to the freshness of the home. With the white and grey colour combination for house exterior painting, the accent orange colour can be added in a small portion to the exterior. Orange radiates happiness and warmth. This trio is a rhythmic outdoor colour combination for house external walls.

The Final Colour

Listed above are some of the most attractive Indian simple house colour combinations outside. We hope you found the one colour combination that matches your taste. If you are planning to renovate your home along with exterior painting, go through budget-friendly home renovation ideas.

If you have some colour combinations in your mind, list them in the comments below.

FAQ’s About Exterior Color Combination

What are the best exterior color combinations for Indian houses?

Above mentioned all the color combinations are good for any Indian house. You can choose any one of them. Some of the other best house color combinations are –

  • Ivory + White + Aqua
  • Black + White + Ruby Red
  • Gray + White + Dove
  • Deep Sea + White + Red
  • Black + White + Mediterranean Blue
  • White + Clay + Mossy Green
  • Yellow + White + Black
  • Mocha Chocolate + Ocean Blue + Pale Blue
  • White + Gray + Dark Blue
  • Carbon + Pure White
  • Pale Pink + White + Azure
  • Submarine Gray + Dusty Gold + White
  • Olive Green + Oak + White
  • Pewter + White + Red
  • Taupe + Beige + Brown + Rustic Red

What is the most popular exterior house color for 2024?

The most popular exterior house colors for 2024 include off-white and Sherwin Williams’ Cyberspace. Off-white, particularly a warm, creamy white, is trending, with a suggestion to avoid stark whites and complement it with wood colors. Sherwin Williams’ Cyberspace, described as a cool charcoal black with a toned-down navy hue, is also a top choice, offering a sophisticated and inviting look that works well with various styles and materials.

What is the lucky color for house exterior?

As per feng sui RED is considered as the most powerful and auspicious color. Painting red can protect your house from all bad energy and bring you good luck.


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