List Of 10 Best Home Decoration Items to give your home a brand new look

home decoration items
Home Decoration Items

From selecting the right flooring, painting the home with colors of your choice, to finding the best home decoration items and curtains to match your style, decorating your home can be overwhelming; especially when you are trying to decorate your dream home on a budget. With so many choices to make and end up confused about what to choose, it’s best to go through some blogs online that can help you have a clear idea of what decoration items you must choose to enhance the aesthetics of your dream home. That’s why we are here with a list of cheap and best decoration items for home, which will help you stay on your budget.

Affordable Decoration Items for Home



They say “walls speak a lot more than words”, so why don’t you give your wall a new life by adding some wallpapers to it. There is a wide range of affordable wallpapers in the market now, and the best part is they can be customized too. You can easily decorate a large part of your home without shelling out too much from your pocket.


Home decoration item wall clock
Wall Clock

Even though there are digital wall clocks available these days, a classic wall clock can be a beautiful decoration item for home. Look for the one that blends well with your style, i.e., boho, traditional, contemporary, or something else.


Switching over to cushions is the most simplest and cost-effective way to decorate your home; they make your home look cosy and aesthetically appealing too. Cushions are a great way to introduce a new colour palette into any room or add more texture to your room. 


People are obsessed with candles nowadays, so this one was going to be on the list for sure. They not only add ambiance to a home but also make you feel relaxed with their enchanting fragrance.

Bonus Tip: Look for candles made of soy wax and natural fragrances to avoid bringing toxins into your home.


Rugs have many purposes in our home — they define the zones, add warmth, make a place look cosy, and can soften hard flooring. When you choose a bold colour or pattern, rugs can be like art.

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Statement Art

Having a limited edition piece of original art at your house might look so special, but the reality is that they are very expensive. You can choose an alternative way to decorate your home with statement artwork, wanna know how? DIY your own statement artwork, or let your kids play with colours and create one for your home. It not only looks unique but also gives a personalised touch to your home decor.


By strategically placing mirrors you can create the illusion of a larger space by simply reflecting the light through the mirror. The reflective surface of a mirror also bounces the natural light in your room, giving you a refreshing feeling. As per Vastu placing the mirror in the right place can also attract the desired energy of calmness and abundance.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are always good decoration items for home. Every indoor plant serves a different purpose, for example, some purify the air around you, some are easy-to-maintain, etc. If you are a newbie go for Monstera indoor plant as they are very easy to maintain, if you are still not sure about what plant to buy or what is their purpose, you can go through online plant guides too.

Photo Frames

Create your wall of memories by simply framing your happy moments, may it be pictures of your favourite trip, a family gathering, or friends, if you are a self-obsessed person then just frame your photos too. The wall of memories will make your home interiors unique (obviously no one can frame your pictures to decorate their home 😉).


Hourglass is an elegant, timeless, and best decoration items for home. One might usually see it in an office or library, but it’s an item that’s worth adding to enhance the aesthetics of your home. 


Mentioned above are some of the best home decoration items, which will fit your budget and make your home look effortlessly elegant and aesthetically appealing. You can choose the items that fit your budget and style to decorate your home. If you have some more decoration ideas in your mind, you can simply Leave a Comment below. 


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